In today’s 24 hour news society, public relations and communications strategies are vital to long-term survival. Even small institutions that could previously “fly under the radar” can no longer take for granted the damage that can be done by one bad press story. Proactive understanding and planning in this space can defensively shelter an institution from damage and offensively build a strong public-facing reputation. EdgePoint maintains extremely strong networks in the national media outlets from TV to print; from bloggers to publishers, and have the extensive media experience to leverage those networks for maximum value to our clients.

In addition, Business Intelligence (BI) in today’s world requires a combination of deep mining and metadata analysis with on-the-ground human intelligence (HUMINT) that can only come from well connected and trusted face-to-face networks. Our team maintains these networks and sources across a broad swath of industries and has extensive experience in the US intelligence and military operational planning communities. We combine these skill sets to develop full Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) drills and Center of Gravity (COG) analyses for our clients that create awareness of all potential strengths/weaknesses/outcomes in any situation. Whether a client is concerned with forthcoming legislation and/or regulations from government or is investigating merger and/or business partner potential and need real-time, actionable situational awareness, EdgePoint’s ability to provide deep, sustained and substantive BI reporting to our clients gives them the edge they need to stay three moves ahead in the game.