EdgePoint services do not stop with government engagement. Much of our clients’ success can be found in our ability to connect them to private equity markets that specialize in risk mitigation and operational efficiency within complex environments. This is particularly true in our medical, technology and cyber clients. Many promising ideas and companies simply do not have access to the capital required to get them past the “valley of death” where they can turn research and early stage technologies into scalable and successful solutions. If capital injections from government agencies are a poor fit for a client due to their lag time or restrictive nature, EdgePoint’s private equity strategies offer an excellent alternative and/or coupling.

Our hands-on approach to managing our clients’ interests and our connections to award-winning, multinational investment firms with diversified portfolios and strong track records of restructuring public and private sector companies provides excellent access for capital growth.

We manage our clients’ corporate development, providing advice and counsel in the restructuring of their companies, and deliver a full suite of strategic consulting throughout the process. We help bridge the communication between our clients and equity firms to develop attractive market and entry strategies, ascertain the value of proposed synergies, and deliver successful completion of investments.