As government grows increasingly involved in all aspects of commerce, education and healthcare, it is important for every institution to learn how to navigate government and proactively address areas that can positively or negatively impact their business models. Making government work for our clients and not against them is a central mission of EdgePoint. We accomplish this by having significant depth of knowledge into the federal budgeting process, committee jurisdictions, agency program managers and grant programs, as well as institutional knowledge of how to move the chains across the government spectrum. In all areas, we understand the formula of government and how to use that formula for the benefit of our clients.

A subcomponent of understanding how to make the formula of government work for our clients is in Business to Government (B2G) services. We assist our clients develop public sector marketing strategies and execution for products and services to all levels of the federal government. We integrate marketing communications techniques such as strategic public relations and branding with deep understanding of budgets and opportunities within the federal agencies. We then leverage that knowledge via strong relationships with the program managers that oversee these opportunities to create maximum value. By understanding how the federal budgeting and procurement process works, we can insert our clients into the process before funding opportunities are developed; working hand in glove with the program managers to tailor make future opportunities. This approach puts our clients in the best possible position to win in an otherwise highly competitive landscape.

Utilizing these aforementioned strategies and skill sets, the development of large-scale, dynamic public private partnerships (P3s) that positively impact our clients, the taxpayers and government is EdgePoint’s sweet spot. Our team has over 15 years experience developing large-scale programs of merit across the spectrum from national security issues to healthcare demonstration projects, real estate development, educational curriculums, software and hardware development, etc. The core of all of these projects started the same: identify a gap in the government’s ability to carry out its’ duties and marry private sector expertise/products/services to develop win/win scenarios that close gaps and produce results.

In addition, EdgePoint helps our clients stay abreast of the changing federal legislative landscape and works with them to enact legislation that can create growth while at the same time staving off harmful legislation from enactment.