Strategic Plan Development And Executive Counselling

Our experience and understanding of how federal government priorities shape future business environments allows us to help galvanize a vision for our clients that sets them apart from their competition. By working with our clients to understand the potential for their ideas to marry with federal priorities, EdgePoint provides the ability for our clients to cast a truly unique value proposition in their otherwise competitive markets.


Our team brings unprecedented experience from the highest levels of government including the White House, Congress, the intelligence community, the Department of Defense, and others. In addition, we have decades of experience bringing the best and brightest from the private sector together with their counterparts in government to develop projects of merit that mutually grow business and improve government services. This public-private-partnership (P3) experience gives us the ability to offer a unique mindset and skill-set to our clients in developing strategies for future growth.


We work with our clients’ C-suites to help them think differently about problems they face and develop strategic and tactical plans for growth by utilizing avenues that EdgePoint is in a unique position to understand. We work hand in glove with our clients to identify opportunities, solve key problems to realizing those opportunities, and execute on action plans to win.